If you own a Windows PC, you’ve probably heard Mac users boast about their PC being more secure. Often they don’t even bother with anti-virus software. You may have even wondered if you should consider buying a Mac for this reason alone, especially with all the hoopla around the iPad. Well, don’t make the switch just yet.

For years, customers have debated who is more secure – the Mac or the PC. Technology experts say that there really is nothing about the Mac that makes it more secure. In fact, Mac security has been easily breached in hacking contests. However, Windows just seems to be more fun for evil hackers because of its greater harmful potential due to the much larger audience and usage.

So you may say that since the Mac is targeted much less often, that it’s a safer platform. That may have been the case, until recently. Macs have lately achieved a particular level of success and visibility, making them the target of malicious hackers. For Example, there are now a couple of new pieces of malware wreaking havoc on Macs. ‘Mac Defender’ is fooling people into allowing it onto their computer. A fake message pops up telling the user their computer is being infected by a virus and they should install anti-virus software to prevent it. If the customer agrees and loads the software, the program periodically places porn websites on their computer. Then there’s ‘Mac Protector’, a variation of Mac Defender, which looks like part of the Apple system. If installed, this virus will once again load porn sites and attempt to steal credit card information.

In conclusion, regarding security, the Mac is no better off than the PC. This statement seems to shatter the illusion held by most Mac owners. Macs are attracting a lot of attention, and this attention brings out the unscrupulous, those who will find a way to negatively affect people and their property.