Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is phone service delivered through your company’s Internet connection instead of from your local phone company.

Any company, large or small can benefit from replacing their standalone analog phones with an advanced phone system. There are many features available with business VoIP that can be customized by a company for their specific needs. Because a VoIP system integrates with your computers and your network, switching to VoIP carries many important benefits such as:

Overall Cost Savings – save money by using a single network to carry voice and data. VoIP service providers usually offer lower rates than traditional phone companies.

Seamless Customer Service – relevant information about each caller is displayed the moment the call comes in allowing the representative to know a little about each caller before answering the phone. Every phone call coming into your company can also be recorded for data retention and training purposes.

Increased Productivity – welcome greetings and menus are available to appropriately route calls to the best representatives within the company. Anywhere you connect it to the Internet (office, hotel, home) you can receive company calls since incoming calls can be automatically routed to your VOIP phone.

An Advanced Phone System completes communication sessions (voice, text and multimedia) which allows for a polished and professional presentation when customer and prospects call into your business.