What is Managed IT Services or IT Outsourcing?

Meeting today’s business challenges requires a stable, secure, and fast network. The slightest interruption can have drastic consequences costing thousands of dollars. As your company grows, managing your computers and networks becomes increasingly complex and difficult.

However, maintenance of a quality network requires continual investments in new technologies and staff training. Many companies find it difficult to keep up with the on-going expenditures. Managed service providers give companies access to top level IT expertise and leading technologies at a price that is manageable and constant from month to month.

When a company partners with a managed service provider, the provider becomes responsible for the health of the network; maintaining the equipment and applications to assure there are no interruptions. Managed services can be performed on the customer premises, or the equipment can be hosted in the provider’s facility instead of the customer’s. For some small and medium-sized businesses, the managed service provider becomes the company’s IT department, providing all network management services. For others, the provider is there to augment a capable staff that needs some assistance from time to time.

Companies that outsource their IT enjoy high levels of IT expertise and support, allowing internal staff to focus on core business activities instead of network maintenance, and save money by paying only for those services that are actually used.