1. Luxury of participating or facilitating meetings without incurring the cost or hassles associated with travel.
  2.  Ease of videotaping meetings and conferences for sharing, future viewing or archiving.
  3.  Acceleration of company-wide decision-making by having all participants present at the same time.
  4.  Alternative to conducting face to face interviews when candidate is from out of town.
  5.  Creates a professional, structured medium that keeps meetings and presentations focused.
  6.  Enables managers to quickly communicate with employees in multiple locations at short notice.
  7.  Provides cost-effective ways to train employees without the hassle of continuously traveling to corporate location.
  8.  Ability to invite client from across the country or around the world to participate in industry related instructional seminars.
  9.  Convenience of participating as a guest speaker at industry related conferences from the comfort of your own office in the case of weather-related or other issues.
  10.  Freedom of being in two places at the same time (i.e. on vacation and still available for important impromptu meetings).