Probably one of the most well-known hand-held communication devices is the Smartphone. There are many different smart phones to choose from such as the BlackBerry, the iPhone, the Palm and the Blackjack. These phones are designed for different types of people and their specific needs or requirements. For instance, the BlackBerry is typically used for business communications where the Apple iPhone is popular for its multimedia capabilities. Smartphones come with all sorts of bells and whistles; even unified communication is possible with these devices.

Laptops range in size and brands and is the most useful of all the portable communication devices. One can access all essential company information anytime and anywhere. The laptop is the user’s gateway to information, either from files or from the Internet.

Wi-Fi Finder Plus
The Wi-Fi Finder Plus will instantly display how high the internet connection is in your general area. It is a convenient key chain device that detects Wi-Fi and BT signals and great for those times when you are working out of the office. It can provide the user with just enough info to decide if getting their laptop out will be “worth it” or if they need to move to a different location.

Solar Chargers
This environmentally friendly solar device charger is compatible with iPod, iPhone and many other handheld portable devices. Once fully charged, it is able to charge your handheld device as fast as a wall charger; great for when you are out of the office without access to electricity.

VoIP Business Telephone Systems
The new Business Phone Systems (VoIP) can integrate a company’s voice calls into email, video, fax and instant messaging, quickly and effortlessly. The software can employ automated voice answering systems to handle your messages as well as information retrieval requests.

Video Conferencing
Video Conferencing is a great communication tool reducing the costs associated with travel to perform face-to-face meeting. Companies can combine their video, audio and visual conferencing into one easy-to-use solution providing users the ability to share applications, documents and event take control of a remote PC.