Desktop Virtualizatoin

Access Your Desktop From Any Location

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Desktop Virtualization keeps all of your information stored securely on a virtual desktop on the server in your company’s data center, including your operating system, applications, and associated data. It is instantly streamed to any device as soon as you check in from any location.

Employees are more mobile today than ever before; they not only want, they need to be able to access all the information on their computer from anywhere. With salespeople frequently traveling, or employees working from home or other offices, desktop virtualization makes it possible to pick up where you left off from any location.

With Desktop Virtualization, the device you use is irrelevant – whether it is a desktop, a laptop, new or aging equipment. This means that it’s possible to access different platforms, Windows or Macintosh, from any device without having to reboot.

“Since Stablenet is similarly scaled in its marketplace to the position we occupy in manufacturing, we find them to be a good fit within our organization. Throughout our 14-year working relationship they have been very supportive of our networking and general computing needs.

Stablenet developed our network system from scratch. Our manufacturing systems require an ever greater level of connectivity and our users and customers demand an increasing number of secure and remote connections to that system. They just implemented a 100+ VDI Wyse thin client solution for all our computing on the manufacturing floor in the U.S.

More than eight years ago Stablenet installed a VOIP telephone system which continues to work very well for us with significantly improved voice quality and enhanced flexibility over our old system.

Based on their performance in supporting us, I would not hesitate in recommending Stablenet’s services. They have been very effective. Stablenet’s responsiveness is second to none.”

Dell Preferred Partner

Stablenet engineers have undergone extensive training and met all competency requirements to establish Stablenet as a Dell Preferred Partner. Stablenet has completed comprehensive training for the Dell Storage specialization. The training increases the technical knowledge of storage products, and allows IT staff to perform custom storage assessments and provide integration services for our clients.

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Server Virtualization


Optimize all aspects of your IT infrastructure

 Desktop Virtualization


Access Your Desktop from Any Location

 Converged Infrastructure

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

Group multiple IT components into a single, optimized computing package

Server Virtualization

Server Virtualization

Increase Server Utilization 10-20 Times

Application Virtualization

Application Virtualization

Access All Applications from Any Computer

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