Application Virtualization

Access All Applications From Any Computer

Application Virtualization

Application Virtualization refers to the storage of applications and computing processed on the server. Any application can be accessed and used on any device from any location. The problems with conflicting applications with the wrong version of OS are eliminated. Generally, any application can be accessed from any device with the correct security credentials.

Some benefits of Application Virtualization include:

  • Application Virtualization quickly adds to the bottom-line with increased up-time and security
  • Remote access to any application in a secure manner
  • Update applications just once on the server, not on each PC
  • Reduce management costs for maintaining applications and PCs
  • Eliminate software conflicts with Microsoft or Macintosh operating systems

In the near future, most company applications will run virtually.

“With the new WAN with 3X the bandwidth, along with company-owned routers, with a simulated MPLS network, Stablenet gave Porter’s a more reliable, faster platform. It also gave the Stablenet engineers the ability to troubleshoot or make necessary changes within hours, not days or weeks that is typical of the direct carrier relationship.”

The WAN solution has saved over 22% each month, while increasing speeds and functionality. The Server Virtualization project saved over 31% in hardware alone, and greater cost savings of power and cooling going forward, not to mention increased ease of management and reliability.”

Dell Preferred Partner

Stablenet engineers have undergone extensive training and met all competency requirements to establish Stablenet as a Dell Preferred Partner. Stablenet has completed comprehensive training for the Dell Storage specialization. The training increases the technical knowledge of storage products, and allows IT staff to perform custom storage assessments and provide integration services for our clients.

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Server Virtualization


Optimize all aspects of your IT infrastructure

Desktop Virtualization


Access Your Desktop from Any Location

Converged Infrastructure

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

Group multiple IT components into a single, optimized computing package

Server Virtualization

Server Virtualization

Increase Server Utilization 10-20 Times

 Application Virtualization

Application Virtualization

Access All Applications from Any Computer

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