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Security is critical for anyone with an online presence, which is why Stablenet puts your protection first. The era of security breaches comes with threats from hackers, malware, burglars, viruses and more. Superior cyber security, or IT security, is what you, your business and your customers deserve. Any “computing device” from laptops to mobile devices—or networks from public to private—can benefit from extra security measures. Both information security and physical security is paramount, and prioritizing integrity, confidentiality and data availability is a Stablenet specialty.

It’s not whether your systems and applications will be attempted to be broken into, but when. Stablenet will ensure your business has the correct security in place to avoid network attacks and invasions. We sill also set up alerting systems to quickly notify you of an impending breach.

Countermeasures to Boost Your IT Security:

  • Access control
  • Awareness training
  • Audit and accountability
  • Penetration testing
  • Risk assessment
  • Security assessment
  • User and administrator authorization
  • Vulnerability management, including logging and alerting

Premium Business Data Security begins with state of the art firewalls, with add-ons to even the Next Generation Firewalls. You’ll need the IPS (Intrusion Protection Services), AMP (Advanced Malware Protection), URL/Web Filtering, and of course, you’re want to increase your security coverage with logging of your firewall(s) and configuring alerting for your individual company’s needs.

Safety First

Stablenet offers a genuine allowance of security resources:

Your IPS lets you detect threats to users, applications, content and infrastructure with auto-defense responses.

Your malware defense should protect, track, analyze, block and remediate to keep your enterprise safe from attacks. While attacks are constantly evolving and advancing daily, your malware needs to keep pace.
Application-layer control safeguards applications, websites, users and geolocations with customized detection policies. URL-filters boast real-time alerts and management of suspicious web traffic.
Updated, supreme software should be on all business tech devices.
Stablenet’s spam solution ensures email-based threats and data leaks are kept at bay. Use the cloud for spooling emails, pinpoint spam emails immediately and gauge if malware is present before leaks occur.
Available in cloud-based or premise email, messages are sent securely with 256-bit keys.
Yes, sooner than later some data will be compromised, infected or corrupted. Your best practice is to have snapshots, and other reliable data backups quickly available on-premise and/or in the Cloud.
“Since Stablenet is similarly scaled in its marketplace to the position we occupy in manufacturing, we find them to be a good fit within our organization. Throughout our 14-year working relationship they have been very supportive of our networking and general computing needs.

Stablenet developed our network system from scratch. Our manufacturing systems require an ever greater level of connectivity and our users and customers demand an increasing number of secure and remote connections to that system. They just implemented a 100+ VDI Wyse thin client solution for all our computing on the manufacturing floor in the U.S.

More than eight years ago Stablenet installed a VOIP telephone system which continues to work very well for us with significantly improved voice quality and enhanced flexibility over our old system.

Based on their performance in supporting us, I would not hesitate in recommending Stablenet’s services. They have been very effective. Stablenet’s responsiveness is second to none.”

IT Security
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