Enterprise Wireless

Enterprise Wireless

Mobility traffic within companies is now exceeding wired traffic. Wireless networks are central to most enterprises who want to maximize productivity, but actually securing complete wireless coverage is a major challenge. As a company leader, you need the ability to deploy wireless access points on a moment’s notice —sometimes over ceilings or spanning incredible square footage. Unfortunately, most Ethernet cables max out at 328 feet. Getting those cables to reach warehouses, cover historic buildings or sprawling campuses is either ugly, impossible, difficult or all of the above.

Stablenet specializes in controller-based and mesh technology that offer scalability and reach, both indoors and outdoors. This gives you easy, flexible means to extend connectivity no matter how big or challenging your environment. There’s no additional Ethernet required when utilizing the mesh technology portion, which ushers in greater mobile connectivity when you need it most.

Stablenet and Cisco to the Rescue

You can also obtain the latest 802.11AC Wave 2 wireless standard, providing up 2.6 Gbps data traffic transfer. LAN controllers manage the Access Points, which means you don’t need to invest in any extra equipment, whether you require 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz, or both.

Cisco’s Wireless Mesh revolutionized wireless mesh networking with their Aironet Series Access Points. This lets businesses enjoy wireless connectivity that was previously unavailable. Based on intelligent wireless routing technology and a powerful self-organizing, self-healing, and self-configuring architecture, the meshed access points integrate with the routed access points back to a central controller(s).

Dynamic wireless connections are created via Adaptive Wireless Path Protocol (AWPP). Just one radio is needed for all access points, then traffic is backhauled through a second radio on the same wireless access point. The system “learns” the best way to route traffic, which optimizes your network availability and data throughput.

True Enterprise Capabilities at SMB Rates

Many companies are a perfect fit for Stablenet’s Enterprise Wireless solutions. Manufacturing environments, retail & warehousing, hospitality, entertainment and historic buildings are just a few. Are you ready to take your wireless needs to the next level?

Enterprise Wireless
“Stablenet did a very impressive job on our WAN conversion, even with a few curve balls thrown by the new telecom carrier. I am impressed with Stablenet’s staff, especially Jamie O’Keefe with his thoroughness and attention to detail; both traits are ones I truly appreciate. Stablenet has earned our business and respect and I highly recommend them. We finally have a stable, high-speed WAN running over fiber at all locations.”
SpringfieldMichael Bates, Springfield LLC
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