Premise Infrastructure

Whether your plans are to put more of your data and applications into the Cloud or keep them on-premise, the reliability of your core network infrastructure will be very important moving forward. Providing a stable network will be paramount if your organization plans to continue building value for your customer base.

For instance, if you are running Office 365, or any other hosted application, you must have a reliable core networking wired and wireless infrastructure, optimized with layer3 routing, for your LAN and WAN.

Security will also continue to play a major role in computer network reliability and overall stability. Data backups and replications must be solid and reliable with three backups, and at least one of these backups offsite.

Communications also must be easier to implement and support. VoIP must be reliable but also easier to implement to remote offices. You’ll need to provide integrated communications to employees that work remotely once a week or who are telecommuting every day.

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