Managed WAN

What Makes Our Managed WAN Services Different?

Our Managed WAN service provides around the clock monitoring of key network resources, such as routers, firewalls, Layer 2 and 3 network switches and even wireless LAN appliances. These services are ideal for customers that need strong and reliable systems, but also need to ensure they make the most of their human and financial resources. We operate your networks so you can focus on your core business. We concentrate on the performance, availability and stability of your wide area network and related key devices.

We manage not only your routers, but also other layer 3 devices on your network. This provides a better depiction than a carrier provides, which only evaluates to your premises demarcation point. This allows Stablenet to determine if a specific location is eating up a lot of bandwidth, via a virus/spyware and to terminate that port, so the location can resume full bandwidth and activity while the problem is being fixed.

Stablenet often produces a multiple IPS network, especially for automatic failover/failback, when locations are critically dependent upon data from the Public or Private Cloud network(s).

Primary Services

  • 24x7x365 Proactive Monitoring & Problem Detection
  • Event and Alert Generation
  • Network Inventory Management
  • Nightly Configuration Backup
  • Includes Multiple Technologies – mGRE, MPLS, HSRP, P2P, IP VPN
  • Independent Service Providers – Existing or Combination/Replacement
  • Wireless LAN Monitoring
  • Capacity Management

Optional Management Components

  • Performance Reporting
  • Port Allocation and Assessment
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Configuration Change Management
  • Carrier Incident Management
  • Redundant ISP Circuit(s) for Automatic Failover/Back
  • Documentation of All Primary CPE – Graphically and Text
“With the new WAN with 3X the bandwidth, along with company-owned routers, with a simulated MPLS network, Stablenet gave Porter’s a more reliable, faster platform. It also gave the Stablenet engineers the ability to troubleshoot or make necessary changes within hours, not days or weeks that is typical of the direct carrier relationship.”

The WAN solution has saved over 22% each month, while increasing speeds and functionality. The Server Virtualization project saved over 31% in hardware alone, and greater cost savings of power and cooling going forward, not to mention increased ease of management and reliability.”

Contact us to learn how a WAN solution can provide your business with a more reliable, faster platform saving money and increasing functionality.

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