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Microsoft Office 365

With Microsoft Office 365 from Stablenet, you’ll get an incredible software suite 365 days per year. The beloved Microsoft product and subscription service is known for optimizing productivity.

The amount of services and products offered by Office 365 is staggering. However, they’re all manageable via an easy to use online portal. You can opt for Active Directory single sign-on for extra security. Depending on the plan you choose, you can get the latest versions of Office applications suite for Windows or OS X throughout the subscription period. Updates are automatic for both new versions and security upgrades.

Everyday Perks

You need Office 365 to use editing features on big tablets, to unlock apps’ premium features and to use Office Mobile for business. Quarterly updates make this “rolling release model” continuously state of the art and eager to serve you.

Office 365

Your Plan of Action

As of 2011, Office 365 is compliant with the most stringent security standards in the US and Europe, including the Federal Information Security management Act and HIPAA. But which plan is right for you?

Get hosted email with 50GB mailbox synching to PC and Mobile, 1TB Storage, HD Video Conferencing, and for up to 300 users, including online Office Suite.

1TB Storage, HD Video Conferencing, and for up to 300 users, including physical install of Office Suite Office on 5 PCs, Macs, tablets or most mobile devices.
The perfect hybrid of Business and Essentials, with ability to install Office on 5 PCs, Macs, tablets or most mobile devices, up to 300 users.
Just for enterprises, 300+ users get everything mentioned above plus special legal compliance support.

There are no longer Windows licensing fees for small tablets, and many new devices come with complimentary Office 365. Now, 365 is more affordable than ever. We know you deserve support 365 days of the year.

Contact Stablenet and see how Microsoft 365 can improve your business endeavors.

Private Cloud

Private Cloud

Exercise data security and control with your applications hosted exclusively for your individual enterprise.

Public Cloud

Public Cloud

Operate with lower costs while taking advantage of seamless, on-demand scalability.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud

Enjoy more capabilities via aggregation, customization or integration with the Hybrid approach.

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