Stablenet Guides You on a Path of Stability and Reliability Utilizing Cloud Computing

The Cloud allows your company to run certain applications on a server owned by you or a service provider, in yours or someone else’s datacenter. These server systems run your applications and store your data, providing you with better performance quality and lower IT support costs.

Your Cloud location can be classified as Public, Private or Hybrid. In a Public Cloud environment, your entire computing infrastructure is located remotely in a data center; SaaS is the most common usage, with Office 365 from Microsoft and CRM leading the way.

With a Private Cloud your network is either local or remote, or both; however, it is not shared by others at a physical or virtual layer. Your company can also opt for on-premise private cloud to obtain more physical control over your infrastructure.

The final location is Hybrid Cloud, where both private and public clouds are meshed; the most common meshing is replication from one Cloud type to another, or backups from one Cloud to another.

Private Cloud

Exercise data security and control with your applications hosted exclusively for your individual enterprise.

Private Cloud Computing

Public Cloud

Operate with lower costs while taking advantage of seamless, on-demand scalability.

Private Cloud Computing

Hybrid Cloud

Mixing the best features of private and public cloud. Enjoy more capabilities via aggregation, customization or integration with the Hybrid approach.

Hybrid Cloud Computing
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