Managed Cloud Services

Save Time, Expenses & Pay for Only the Capacity You Need

Managed cloud services are the partial or complete management and control of your cloud platform. Outsourcing cloud management can includes the migration, maintenance and optimization of your cloud infrastructure – ensuring cloud resources run efficiently, while reducing new hire and training costs.

Working with Stablenet’s managed cloud services is a collaborative process. To determine the best cloud resources for your IT infrastructure, we evaluate your business’s applications and data, how they are processed and stored. We will then create a custom plan detailing the steps to build and run an optimized cloud environment. There are three different ways to deploy cloud services: public cloud, private cloud, or hybrid cloud. Stablenet can help you determine which cloud infrastructure would work best for your specific applications.

Utilizing managed cloud services can help your business or organization achieve numerous goals, including reduced complexity, improved cost control and accelerated growth and innovation.

A public cloud refers to computing services offered by a third-party vendor that can be accessed over the internet. In a public cloud, you generally share hardware, storage, and network devices with other organizations and you access services, and manage your account using a web browser.

Benefits of a public cloud include:

  • Allows you to only pay per usage for the storage and bandwidth you use
  • Lower startup costs since you will not have to purchase and maintain on-premise IT infrastructure
  • Shifts responsibility of ownership and management of all hardware, software, and other supporting infrastructure to the cloud provider
  • Deploys quicker than setting up and configuring on-premise devices
  • Provides the ability to scale according to your business demands as they fluctuate
  • Can gain higher reliability due to the vast network of servers that ensure against failure

A private cloud refers to computing services offered exclusively over a business or colocation’s internal network. The services and infrastructure are always maintained on a private network and the hardware and software are dedicated solely to your organization.

Benefits of a private cloud include:

  • Ensures a higher level of security, control and privacy since resources are not shared with others
  • Increased flexibility since your organization can customize its cloud environment to meet specific business needs
  • Greater physical control of environment and data integrity
  • Improved reliability and greater efficiency, all at reduced costs

A hybrid cloud combines the best parts of both, private and public cloud infrastructure.

Benefits of a hybrid cloud include:

  • Allows for workload and data portability and application orchestration across multiple computing environments
  • Allows you to exercise greater control and governance over IT systems and resources
  • Lowers costs, increases IT efficiency, and reduces time-to-market for new products and services
  • Enhances data security and protects sensitive data

Stablenet will customize a comprehensive migration plan for your data. We will ensure risks associated with platform upgrades and data migration are minimized reducing potential downtime and data loss.

Some of the migration services we provide include:

  • O365 migrations
  • Physical to virtual computing
  • Virtual to cloud computing
  • DR to secondary datacenters or clouds
  • Operating system upgrades
  • Hardware upgrades


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