Porter’s Fabricators started the 2013 with headquarters in Bessemer City, NC and another major plant in Sumter, SC. But early last year, they purchased two other major plants in Lynchburg, VA and Lexington, NC. To create the right foundation to carry and manage all the data between locations, a new Wide Area Network was put into place. This Network more than tripled the speed of each node on the network, while adding in fault tolerance and redundancy if a circuit or hardware router fails.

The primary enterprise servers were using a physical server and dedicated storage. It was redesigned and implemented VMware Virtual Servers with a backend Dell EqualLogic SAN, for increased speed and resiliency.

Afterwards, the domain server platform was upgraded, along with Exchange server platform, and one of the latest version of Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Services to take advantage of application virtualization.

“With the new WAN, with 3X the bandwidth, along with company-owned routers, with a simulated MPLS network, Stablenet gave Porter’s a more reliable, faster platform. It also gave the Stablenet engineers the ability to troubleshoot or make necessary changes within hours, not days or weeks that is typical of the direct carrier relationship” explains Marc Hill with Stablenet.

The WAN solution has saved over 22% each month, while increasing their speeds and functionality. The Server Virtualization project saved over 31% in hardware alone, and greater cost savings of power and cooling going forward, not to mention increased ease of management and reliability.