Unified Communicaitons – Business Communications Like Never Before

Stablenet brings Unified Communications (UC) together giving you way more leverage than the power of a mere business phone system. We bring together VoIP telephone, Instant Messaging, Video Conferencing, Mobility, Presence and Collaboration capabilities. It also integrates Mobility by using company or employee-owned Smartphones right into the fabric of the company’s core phone system. These capabilities allow both on-site and remote users to see who is available and the best way to contact them; this speeds up interactions on a team basis, making execution superior and quicker while lowering technology costs and missed opportunities.

How Unified Communications Meets the Business Needs of Your Company

  • Enables your employees to transfer calls to anyone else in the company, on a handset, on a Mobile phone, across town or across the globe.
  • Enables your employees to quickly determine the best method for reaching coworkers before initiating contact, IM chat, Phone, Video via Presence.
  • Enables your employees to set up prescheduled or reservation-less conference calls combining voice, video, and Web collaboration.
  • Makes your contact centers more efficient with automated call routing, while integrating email, chat, web call me, etc.
  • How much will all this technology cost you? Well, the Unified Communications product offered by Stablenet happens to have the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry, guaranteed!

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ShoreTel Unified Communications
With the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry, our Unified Communications Solution offers a complete, affordable solution that is simple to use and extremely reliable.
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