In the past Corporate Unified Communications (UC) has not been available on smartphones. Small and large businesses can now integrate their workforce smartphones and/or tablets into their existing UC infrastructure securely and inexpensively.

Employees have access to a full suite of UC tools and can now communicate on their device of choice from home, office or any other hotspot. This can also be accomplished over many types of networks such as voice over Wi-Fi, cellular or voice over 3G/4G.

These solutions tackle challenges most companies are facing; huge international roaming charges, poor cell phone reception and coverage inside office buildings, corporate PBX integration and bring-your-own-device demands from their workforce.

Some mobile UC components even integrate with not just one, but several of the leading PBX & Unified Communication Systems, such as Cisco, Avaya, Microsoft, ShoreTel, Mitel, etc.

Features to keep you securely connected while saving you money:

  • Routing of cellular calls via the most economical path (both, inside and/or outside the enterprise)
  • Use of VoIP over WLAN on popular smartphones and tablets thus driving international calling costs down and increasing user productivity
  • In-building coverage without the significant investment of cellular-based technology by leveraging Wireless LANs to provide wireless coverage
  • Provides secure communication with high standards for authentication/encryption. Maximum security is accomplished by automatically recognizing when the mobile phone users is inside/outside the enterprise firewall.