IP Telephony is Considered the Biggest Breakthrough in Telephone Technology Since the Invention of the Telephone.

Across many different industries, companies are discovering the power of VoIP advanced phone systems. Considered the biggest breakthrough since the invention of the telephone, these newer and more capable systems combine data, voice and video to bring four critical benefits to your company.

  • Increased employee productivity
  • Reduced capital and operating costs
  • Superior and more reliable communications
  • Improved business processes

Stablenet is proud to offer IP phone systems from ShoreTel, named the Best Overall VoIP Provider for the seventh year in a row. The combination of Stablenet and ShoreTel creates a powerful synergy. Stablenet delivers the latest in integrated voice and data networks, while ShoreTel provides the market leading Pure IP Solution that is replacing the traditional PBX phone system.

An independent research firm declares ShoreTel The Fastest Growing IP Telephony Vendor Worldwide, the #1 Worldwide Unified Communications Desktop Solution Provider & one of the Top Three IP Telephony Suppliers in the United States.

The Latest in VoIP Technology
With the latest advances in VoIP technology, it has never been easier to combine the power of computer technology with the functionality of telephone technology creating a single unified system that meets all your voice and data needs, including email, voicemail, fax, instant messaging and video conferencing, Integrating your telephone and computer systems saves money, increases productivity and makes good sense. With a new advanced telephone system, your workers can get more done, whether they are in their offices or on the road.

Advantages of Integrated Technology
Installing the latest integrated phone and data technology provides a host of benefits for your company. Running your new phones over your data network:

» Allows one person to handle all incoming calls, even for multiple locations. How great would it be if no one needed tobe at the office to answer phone calls and help customers get the answers they need?

» Assures your customers will never get lost in the voicemail maze. Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to get a live person on the phone. By installing a new and more advanced VoIP system from Stablenet, you can significantly improve call flow and ensure that your customers get the help they need, quickly and efficiently.

» Enhances the performance of your employees and boosts customer service responsiveness by as much as 50-60%. Calls can be routed quickly, clearly and consistently. No more phone tag, and no more juggling calls between employees. With our advanced telephone systems, the calls are automatically routed to the proper individuals based on user input. That means happier customers, more productive workers and a bigger bottom line.

» Instantly lets you know who is calling before you even say hello. You can even view the history of caller, so you instantly know if you are talking to a major customer or a new prospect. ShoreTel phones instantly provide Caller ID, including the caller’s history with the company, where the call originated, how many times the caller has been transferred and even whether or not the right person is available to take the call. Integrating your voice and data networks allows all this information and more to be displayed via a convenient screen pop.

» Connects employees in remote locations, and even allows employees to work from home. Users can log on from anywhere, and callers can get their questions answered no matter where you are.

» Lowers the total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to traditional phone systems and other leading VoIP competitors.

Stablenet Helps You Do More with Less
Getting more done with fewer workers seems to be the new norm. As companies have cut back in the recession, they have increasingly found new ways to harness technology and use it to enhance productivity. Combining an advanced IP-PBX system with a well architected data network will transform the way your company does business. With a ShoreTel phone system, you’ll enjoy faster, more reliable and user friendly service. And Stablenet can help you seamlessly integrated the phone system into your existing data network. Your business saves money and enjoys a powerful, helpful and money saving solution.

Newest Generation of VoIP Technology
If your company was an early adopter of VoIP technology, you have been enjoying the stability, power and cost savings for years, while your competitors were stuck with their costly old PBX systems. Advancing to the newest generation of VoIP technology will allow your company to maintain its technological edge and stay ahead of the competition. As an early adopter of VoIP, you probably recognize that there is room for improvement in that original system. Upgrading to a more advanced telephone system from Stablenet lets you keep the good things about VoIP while eliminating the things needing improvement.

ShoreTel rated the highest in all categories; customer satisfaction, technology, value and overall for IP Telephony for the 7th consecutive year.

Advantages over Hosted VoIP
You may have tried business hosted VoIP or know others that have complained vehemently about it. With Stablenet, we install decentralized phone Call Control with centralized management of all locations; this eliminates the lack of Quality of Service (QoS) lacking with Hosted VoIP solutions – you don’t have to depend upon the many Internet hops, dropped data packets, etc. because all the Call Control goes across your Local Area Network (LAN) with VLAN, separating the Voice and Data packets so the voice always has priority and full, clear voice amplification.

Your Phone System is Your Business
If you doubt the importance of a stable phone system, just consider this — to your customers, your phone system is your business. If your phone system is down, you might as well be out of business. With Stablenet, you don’t have to worry that your customers will get the wrong impression. We build in the required redundancy of phone equipment, phone lines and carriers your business dictates.

Keeping up with the latest advances in technology can be tough, especially if you have a business to run. Let us handle the technical aspects for you, freeing you to run your business more effectively and more efficiently. We can provide fully managed phone systems (as well as data) for your company.

Chosen from over 700 ShoreTel resellers worldwide, Stablenet receives ShoreTel’s Top 10 Customer-Satisfaction Achievers Award in its Champion Channel Partner Program with a customer satisfaction score of 99.9 out of 100.

ShoreTel has been named the Best Overall VoIP Provider for the seventh year in a row. With ShoreTel and Stablenet, your business can enjoy 24-hour reliability, superior scalability, easy installation, intuitive management and ease of use.

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