Why 67% of Businesses Outsource Their IT Services

Did you know that more than two thirds of all businesses rely not on in-house services but on a managed service provider to keep their computers running and their customers happy? Are you wondering what those companies know that your own firm does not? The fact is that outsourced IT services have a number of important benefits for companies of all sizes, from the smallest mom and pop operation to the largest multinational enterprise.

It is not difficult to understand how IT outsourcing can benefit your business, especially when you consider the enormous expense having a dedicated IT staff can bring with it. No matter what the industry, IT services are among the most expensive of all fixed costs, and IT workers routinely command very high salaries.

With a dedicated IT staff, you are paying those costs whether you have problems with your computers or not. Whether those IT workers are busy fighting fires around the office or sitting around doing nothing, the costs to your company are exactly the same.

By outsourcing your IT services to a managed service provider, you can cut the cost of computer upkeep and maintenance significantly, since you will no longer have a full IT infrastructure to support. Instead, you pay for the support you need, with lower overhead and greater efficiency.

In fact so many companies have discovered just how cost effective IT outsourcing can be that some 67% of companies now outsource to a managed service provider instead of relying on in-house workers to provide computer services. The greater efficiency and lower costs make IT outsourcing a smart move for virtually every type of business, no matter what the business niche or company size.

By using a managed service provider, your computer system can be constantly monitored for problems, and any issues found can be fixed at once. In fact, you might find that IT outsourcing is so efficient and effective that network problems are resolved before your workers and your customers are even aware of them.

Constant monitoring is an absolute necessity in today’s 24/7 world. No matter what the nature of your business, it is important that your customers be able to reach you whenever they need to, and that your workers be able to access the company network any time of the day or night. By constantly monitoring your network and tweaking it for better performance, you can be assured that your computer resources will be available whenever they are needed.

These days when your computers are down, your company is down as well, and downtime can be a real productivity killer and profit reducer. By checking your network, optimizing your resources and enhancing your computer systems, an IT managed service provider can reduce downtime to an absolute minimum, keeping your network up and running and making your employees more productive.

In addition to these important benefits, outsourcing your IT operations can provide faster turnaround times and a better response than even the most proactive onsite staff. These days technology allows computer technicians to log on to computers from anywhere in the world, making it easy to diagnose and resolve problems in a matter of minutes, even from halfway around the globe. A managed service provider can even update and maintain customer computers after hours, eliminating any impact on productivity while making sure all computers are up to date.

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