Consolidate your storage with the PowerVault Series purpose-built and optimized for entry-level SAN and DAS environments. The ME4 Series is ideal for supporting workloads such as HPC, Surveillance/CCTV, Virtualization with VMware and Microsoft, Server Expansion, and many more. Designed for versatility, the ME4 Series supports a variety of drive types (including SEDs), multi-protocols, enterprise-class all-inclusive software features and a choice of two 2U or a high density 5U base systems. Additionally, PowerVault JBOD expansion enclosures are available for PowerEdge Servers that easily add storage capacity to your data center.

What you can expect from the ME4 Series:
More IOPS that accelerate applications. More bandwidth for data mining applications. Simpler management from anywhere. No matter what workload mix you’re running, this low-cost array can handle it. With the new PowerVault ME4 Series, we’re not just leveling the entry-level SAN/DAS storage playing field – we’re tipping it in your favor.

Modular & Efficient
With its versatile, modular, and intelligent data management design, PowerVault ME4 responds to the pressures and needs of IT by simplifying storage administration and operations. The PowerVault ME4 Series is intuitive to setup and manage ensuring the availability and protection you expect for your data.

Workload Solutions
The PowerVault ME4 Series is the ideal solution for many workload types including video surveillance, SAN and DAS Exchange, Enterprise SAN, low latency HPC, NoSQL databases, and VDI – to name a few. The ME4 Series is integrated with today’s most widely used hypervisors and operating systems, they help you consolidate your infrastructure and drive operational efficiencies that can result in real competitive advantages.

Simple & Flexible Connectivity
Each PowerVault ME4 array brings multi-protocol flexibility to your business with 10G iSCSI BaseT or SFP+, 12G SAS and 16G FC connectivity. Data-intensive application throughput is enhanced with four ports per controller while extending business continuity with robust remote replication features.

Easy to Expand & Configure
Easily expand your ME4012, ME4024, and ME4084 arrays by connecting PowerVault ME412, ME424, and ME484 expansion enclosures with 12G SAS backend connectivity. The high-performance PowerVault ME4 arrays utilize 3.5” and 2.5″ HDDs and 2.5” SSDs (SED drives available) that can be flexibly mixed to achieve the capacity you need.

All-Inclusive Software & More
With all-inclusive enterprise-class software including replication, snapshots, 3- level tiering, VMware integrations, encryption (SED), distributed RAID, simple management tools, and more – you can set it and forget it. PowerVault ME4 Series comes standard with ProSupport base support with option for premium ProSupport Plus. ProDeploy is also available with the ME4 Series to help you get up and running faster.

Data Protection
In a world of ever more complex data, applications, and user needs, PowerProtect DD3300 makes data protection quick, easy and cost-effective. The DD3300 is cloud-enabled for modern data protection with support for Cloud Tier and Cloud Disaster Recovery. Get cloud-enabled modern data protection with the PowerProtect DD3300, designed for the current and future needs of IT environments.

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