American Products, Inc. – Case Study

American Products, Inc., headquartered in Pineville, NC with branch locations in Raleigh, Kernersville, NC and Greenville, SC, hired Stablenet to upgrade their Wide Area Network (WAN) between locations. Prior to the upgrade they were utilizing Frame Relay technologies and have since upgraded to a version of MPLS or GRE tunneling, a technology that is managed by Stablenet instead of the Telecom carrier. This allowed American Products to follow up with an upgrade to their separate phones systems in each location with a fully integrated VoIP system.

Stablenet implemented Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANS) to separate the voice and data packets, as well as installed routing to be able to create the quality of service on the local area networks, and also across all the WAN links. Lastly, a new Active Directory environment was installed to allow for easy management of users at all locations, who can now access internal resources outside the company.

“I couldn’t do business without them. We rely heavily on Stablenet to monitor the health of our connectivity between branches. They make sure it all works properly. I don’t have to worry about hiccups in our system that may take us offline; I can rest assured that as long as there isn’t a major power outage, there won’t be problems. I don’t have to worry and that’s a big load off of me. I would recommend Stablenet to anyone. And I have done so.”

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